Montelity was founded by three masters in computer engineering. We are all hands-on coders who find that getting the job done in the most efficient way is the main objective. We prefer functional simplicity over complexity and always focus on the true essence of our projects.

Tijs Planckaert

Tijs is a pragmatic person and a no-nonsense kind of guy. His strong will to move forward might come across as impatience sometimes, but it's always beneficial to the project. He prefers clean and simple and strives to pursue this whenever possible.


Ivan Vercruysse

Ivan is the experienced veteran holding the leash around all that young violence surrounding him. He has a very calming personality and never lets stress get to him. He's the MacGyver of Montelity, never afraid of a challenge.


Sebastian Vercruysse

Sebastian has an insatiable appetite for efficiency and is always looking for ways to improve. He will turn things around completely if he needs to. Needless to say he gets very excited each time new technologies emerge.


Frederik Lefevre

Frederik is a lean mean coding machine. He's always up for a challenge and enjoys learning new things when there's a need for it. Next to web development, he is also greatly interested in game development.



Hiring we are. Take a look at our careers page for more information or just go for it and contact us right now! Just remember, do or do not, there is no try.