At Montelity, we create web applications. We are not web designers. We have a network of good designers we like to work with to put the icing on the cake but we focus primarily on making things work in the most efficient way.
Read below how we got our name, how we start a project and what the typical project lifecycle looks like. Maybe you're wondering why you should choose montelity, and how much experience we have in our field. Finally, you're probably interested what this is going to cost you. Still not convinced? Read all about our recent projects to see what we can do for you.
If we managed to spark your interest, please contact us to set up a meeting.
THE NAME Montelity stands for software development with a modern mentality. What does this mean?

We do software development. We don’t design websites or provide helpdesk services.

We prefer to work with modern technologies and tools and focus on results, not on the number of hours worked.

We believe in mental proximity rather than in being physically close. We reduce travel time if there is no need for it.

Through open communication we ensure that our customers have all information they need so they can take conscious decisions and they have the freedom to involve any other party they desire.

We work with proper agility. Fully specifying a software product from the start is not realistic, starting to code with no clear goal is no better. We aim for the right balance.

THE START We have a need or an opportunity, how do we start?

We have an initial face-to-face meeting where we discuss your business and the objectives that should be met.

We submit an initial proposal with our ideas and the first steps to be executed. The proposal may include a proof of concept and will always give a rough indication of the required budget. All these deliverables are free of charge, but we may also decide that we are not really the best party for the project at hand.

If we decide we are the best party for the project, we hope you agree and accept the project.

THE PROCESS What does a typical project lifecycle look like?

Upon acceptance of the initial proposal, we create a first basic version of the product to be built. The interaction with you and your team members will probably be quite intensive.

After this first basic version we build the complete product. During this phase frequent communication is still desirable.

Finally we plan and work towards the deployment of the first version. Experience learns that this intensifies the communication with the customer once more.

After successful deployment the product is further enhanced or goes into maintenance mode. We keep on maintaining your product as long as you desire.

THE WHY Why should we choose Montelity?

We have a proven track record of successful project executions. We will gladly discuss this with you face to face.

We always deliver what we promise. If we are not sure about something, we don’t promise it. But you always know where you stand.

We combine experience and young enthusiasm. This ensures that we keep on learning and growing our knowledge but never forget best practices.

We inform and advise but let the customer make the final decision.

THE EXPERIENCE What is Montelity's experience in our business domain?

So far we have covered different projects for a very large range of customer types, from banks, service providers, manufacturers to software product companies.

There is a high likelihood that we have already been confronted with specific problems of your business and if we haven't, we are very fast in grasping the critical success factors.

THE RATES What are your rates?

We believe that we deliver the most cost effective development. Our rates are standard in the market but our output is maximal. We will be glad to inform you in detail during a meeting. The meeting is free of charge.